5 Introductory Reading Activities

You may want your child to be well prepared to learn to read and write. It is true that the parent plays an important role in awakening to reading and writing.

Understanding the Purpose of Reading

In particular, parents can participate in the teaching of sounds and letters to prepare their child for this learning. That said, it is important to realize that your role is much broader than this and it starts well before kindergarten!

By putting your child in contact with various forms of writing from an early age, you allow him to discover the functions of reading and writing. Whether through more directed activities such as reading a story or putting yourself in the position of reader or writer, you allow him to discover what good is reading and writing. This learning is fundamental because it will greatly motivate your child to learn to read and write.

Here are some suggestions for reading and writing activities that you can do with your child and that will help you discover the functions of writing:

  • Make the grocery list from flyers;
  • Write a birthday card, invitation card;
  • Write a note to a family member;
  • Complete contest entries;
  • Make a recipe, a tinkering from a book.

Learning how to handle a book

When you provide your child with different types of books and magazines, you also play an important role in his / her learning to read and write. When the child learns to manipulate the book with and without your support, it appropriates certain concepts. He learns how to open the book and how to place it in the place. He discovers the top and bottom of the book, the location of the title and illustrations. When you read a story with him, you can make him aware of certain conventions of the written language. Here are the conventions that he must progressively appropriate:

The learner should learn to:

Open the book from the cover page.

Turn the pages of a book from beginning to end by holding it in place.

That the text is read from top to bottom and from left to right (follow with your finger when you read it).

Discovering concepts

Your interventions during the reading of a story can also help him to discover certain concepts related to writing:

The apprentice reader …

Distinguishes between numbers and letters;

Understands that punctuation has a function other than letters;

Knows that the groups of letters separated by spaces form words;

Is gradually sensitized to the concept of sentence.

A step towards success

You can see that your role is crucial in learning to read and write! By exposing your child to writing from early childhood, you allow him to discover a multitude of elements relating to reading and writing.

Several studies have shown that it is crucial to prevent learning difficulties in reading. A child who has difficulty reading early in primary school is much more likely to experience school failures and even drop out. Everything we can put in place to prepare our child to learn to read will give him a hand in the right direction. So you make sure that he will have all the tools to succeed in school because reading is useful in all school subjects.